Fog, Memories and Dreams

Today I woke up to a heavy fog drenching the grass and spiderwebs with dew.  Its a pretty sight, but a reminder that autumn is on its way.  I remember going out this time of the morning when I was younger to get the cows (my parents had a dairy farm) on mornings like this.  It was an almost a magical time.

You might think time like that should be past for a person like me, but the aren’t.  Mornings like this are for settling in a quiet corner and writing.  Its for getting in touch with those last pieces of dreams that you can just barely remember.  Its for loosening the shackles of the real world for just a few moments.

I love writing, I really do. Its my release from stress, my own little world where things go right at the correct time and I can tie up all those loose ends in my character’s lives. Well sometimes. I often have a habit of leaving my characters in a mess that they have to straighten out, but sometimes it happens on its own, just like real life.

I am a firm believer that fate can and will take care of itself, and while we have choices, “things will be okay” in the end. Why I believe this? I have no real proof, just when things I really needed just seemed to happen. Now, you can’t just sit back and wait on it, you have to make your choices, and do a bit of work, but they do happen. So do your work, make it possible that things will happen. They will. Just trust me.


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