7th grade and homework.

I don’t remember much about my 7th grade excursion at the age of 12. I do remember it being a nice transition from the grade school. I no longer had to sit in one class all day. I don’t think that it bothered me too much, however some are not so lucky.

My oldest is 12 and started Jr. High this year. Last year he did well as we finally thought we had his ADHD under control. He did not require meds last year. We were quite happy with it. He did not get outstanding grades, but believe me c’s and b’s were good enough.

He’s a good kid. He tries hard, he just gets distracted. He has trouble with memorizing- spelling words were a nightmare. He will be one of those who depends on spellcheck for the rest of his life. But you know that is okay. He is bright, funny and has a good heart. He just cannot resit wiggling or looking at other things.

Last night we were up until almost 11 doing homework. First it was Social Studies. He is a slow reader, nothing wrong with that, but when he needs to find an answer sometimes you do need to speed up the process. I told him that he needs to bring his book home ever weekend and read the chapters ahead and write notes so that he will be able to complete his work faster. I don’t know if he will do that at his dads but I will make it a point to make sure he does it at my house.

Then we had math. As I said earlier, he do not do will with memorizing, and math is a lot of memorizing. He still counts on his fingers on addition and subtraction, and please don’t ask him his system of multiplication. It boggles my mind. He has math every night, and it really does frustrate him. He does not do it quickly, and makes mistakes. For a paper that has 30 problems it takes at least two hours. I feel sorry for him at times, but short of giving him the answers, not much I can do but poke and prod him until he gets it done.


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