We all have them, those little pieces of ourselves that we would like to keep that way.  Most of them are pretty benign, like that piece of bubble gum you swiped from the kid the next desk over in second grade, or where you hide your extra cash.  Some can be more disturbing, like that man you met on the elevator.  And some can haunt you for the rest of your life.

I am a writer, and many of my characters have a tendency to have secrets.  Some secrets a few other people know about,  some NO ONE knows about.  Mostly they are the kind of secrets that throws the personality into the fire.  If they melt, they are not good enough.  If they are reforged, they will fight against even the gods themselves for what they feel is right.

We have had discussions on flawed characters on the FW writing forum.  Some do not like to use the term flawed, they seem to think that it is a negative word.  I don’t agree. No one is perfect, not I and certainly not my characters.  I tend to create them with a mass of insecurities and things to overcome.  Most of them do, or at least appear to.  I have created a few that will, in the course of a story line go from hero to villain.  Perhaps if they are lucky, they might go back to the hero again, but one in particular, I doubt it.  Her fate is already sealed she just does not know it yet.

The character I am currently writing about also has many problems, first of those he is not human.  Then again the secrets he carries are written on his skin, not in his mind.  It is just a matter of time before those who can read it will be searching for him. What happens then?  well I shall continue to write and find out myself.  That is one of the best secrets of all.


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