Autumn’s fall

We can look at a calendar to see what month it is, but the weather does not always follow the same cycle.

It is September, and generally we have the last days of summer to deal with:  hot, humid and muggy.  Not this year.  It was cooler than normal this year with rain… yes rain. Most years you only have to mow the yard every two weeks just to knock the dandelions down, but if you got off with mowing it once a week you were lucky.  The yards are all this wonderful verdant hue that varies with the type of grass you have growing.  Yes I mow once a week,  I have to otherwise I think I might have to borrow a tractor and bale the stuff in the back yard.

October is just around the corner.  That means Halloween,  from the weather now, it looks like there is a good chance it will be quite cool by then.  Of course I could be wrong.  It could warm back up into the 80’s again.  From our odd weather patterns it might just do that.  We had a cooler than normal summer. I do not think we got up above 95 anytime this summer.  Our really hot weather lasted just about a week.   The pool stayed cool this year.  The boys went several times but I didn’t.  I don’t like being cold.

Winter is coming.  Time to get out the caulking and plastic for the windows.  Last year I got sheets of insulation and put up over some of the windows.  It helped a lot to prevent cold air from coming in the single pane ones.  I still have them up, so I don’t have to do that again.  Some of them need some adjusting but that will come next month.  For now I can enjoy opening up the doors and the few windows that open in my house and enjoy the cooler breeze.   It won’t take long though before I shut everything up and check for air leaks.

I have to make sure the heaters are in good order.  Last year I heated my house with electric heaters.  I have a propane furnace, but didn’t always have the $ for propane.  It depends on my job situation as to how I will go this year.  I paid for the electric last year, I can do it again.

I look forward to winter, even though I hate being cold.  I like the snow, how it covers everything in a blanket of bright pure white.  Its a color you cannot find anywhere else, not even in the clouds overhead.  It gives the illusion of peace, even though it is anything but.  Winter is harsh, its the time when nature culls the weak, when it kills with peaceful sleep.  In many ways, it is the cusp of the year.  Life ends, and begins again once winter has loosened its hold.


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