Times have changed, I’m sure everyone has heard it before. Our grandparents talk about how they did things “back in the day.” Some of them walked to school every day or grew and preserved their fruits and vegetables. Many say they never locked their doors or took the keys out of their cars at night. Neighbors watched out for neighbors and always lent a helping hand when times were tough.

Perhaps times have changed. We lock our doors and hide our keys, worried that someone will get in when we are not around. The store is the most convenient place to get our groceries and our children ride the bus to school. We don’t stand at the picket fence and talk to our neighbors like our parents used to. It’s not something you can put your finger on, it a subtle push towards separation each generation. I think we find it more distinct now than it was in our parent’s generation especially with more and more people turning to the internet. We are in too much of a hurry to get home and attend our business to simply relax with others.

Why tend a garden that takes hours of hard work when you can be surfing the net? Why bake a cake from scratch when you can grab a mix and “just ad water?” What is wrong with a quilting bee or a knitting club where you can sit and enjoy the company of like-minded folks?

Technology has brought us a long way, far from what our grandparents had when they were growing up. Our lives have been changed, but is it for the better? It certainly is easier. I know there are many evening that I go home tired. I sit down, pop in a frozen dinner when no one else is around, kick back and watch T.V. Somehow it’s too much effort to get back up and do something else. After all, you went to work and did what you had to do already?



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