Rain effect

There is something about rain falling that leaves you relaxed and waning to curl up for the day.  I think there is some sort of lingering primal response to weather that we still cannot deny.  Unless necessary, our ancestors did not go out when the weather was bad to hunt and gather.  They stayed indoors warm and dry, conserving precious energy.  I think that is our response still.  The urge to come inside where it is dry and warm and curl up and just watch the weather pass.

Another effect of the weather is on my roof.   I have complained to the land lady for 4 months now that it leaks.  I have buckets in my oldest son’s room to catch the water dripping from the ceiling.  The back portion of the house is an addition, containing the back bedroom and the utility room.  When they put a roof on it, they failed to realize that the pitch was not steep enough and the water coming from the original house would not move fast enough off the back portion.  Water pools in places and of course the plywood has now started to rot and the roof leaks.  So far it has been patched 3 times.  She refused to fix it properly.  She knows that a portion of the plywood is rotted, I heard the handyman tell her over the phone.  ….  yea… not happy about this.  So far it has been a rainy summer and looks like fall will follow suit.

The Fifthwind has put out its second newsletterIt was pulled together in the last moments but it looks great!

Tonight I will be working on a piece for Fantasy Magazine for a Halloween flash fiction contest.  I have the image picked out, I just have to write it out now.


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