“Too late… Too late… Too late, too late for love…”

I work for a small local newspaper in my home town.  It is part of a news/entertainment conglomerate that also has several other papers, radio and internet sites.  Some days I go to the radio station for a break or to take lunch.  Today it was “Hair Band Hump Day,”  a regular airing of requested music from the 80’s.  “Too Late for Love” played and sparked this little bit of prose.

She rose from the bed, her partner still sleeping soundly.  She watched his chest rise and his hand twitch as though he tried to clutch something just out of reach.  She closed her eyes, leaving was hurting more than she thought it would.  Reluctance tugged like a chain around her heart.  She could still be happy most of the time, but if she stayed….

It wasn’t something she wanted to risk, not now, not ever again.  She left him and quietly went to the guest bedroom pulling out a faded duffel from under the bathroom sink.  She pulled out a worn pair of jeans, an old t-shirt and a pair of leather riding boots.  She pulled her straight dark hair back into a tail and looked at herself in the mirror one more time.  No makeup, no power suits, no jewelry,  she looked only a little bit older than she did four years ago.

She didn’t even go back into the bedroom.  She took nothing of the life she had lived.  She even left her engagement ring on the table beside the bed before she had dressed.  She didn’t want anything else haunting her.  As she walked out the door she wondered if she could convince her self of that.

The door locked behind her, quietly as she left her past behind.  She didn’t go to the garage, instead, she walked confidently up the road to the sedan waiting on her.  She tossed the bag onto the back seat then slid in.  As soon as the door clicked the driver put the car into drive.  She resisted the urge to look back at the house she had lived in for four years.  Instead, she stared out the front window.

“You know you are doing the right thing,” the driver said in a gravely voice as he pulled onto the main highway going west.

She sighed before she answered, “I know.”

He adjusted the mirror so that she could see the upper portion of his face.  His dark eyes examined her before he spoke again, “He would have found out eventually.”

She gritted her teeth against an answer and nodded.

“You did well to handle it this long, Tyr.”

“Thanks,” she replied her voice strained.

The driver turned his attention tot he traffic ahead, expertly navigating through the slower traffic.  “Four years is longer than many last,” he said after a while.

She closed her eyes at the reminder.

“There is a lot to catch up on,” he continued as he looked at her with concern.

Tyr sighed, it was time she took back her position, no matter how much she wanted to life a “normal life.”  She locked gazes with the man in the mirror and nodded.


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