Short Story update.

Write, read, say outloud, erase, chop, delete, separate, combine, rearrange.

That’s what I did last night, on my submission for  Fantasy Magazine .   I had just over 700 words, but was unsatisfied with the ending.  I let it sit for a day as I pondered the story.  Last night, while listening to my boyfriend and his buddies on Skype, I tackled it again. For most, the laughing and fooling around would have been a distraction, for me, its much easier to write when I have some back ground noise to keep in touch with the real world.

As I worked, I deleted passages, wrote new ones, and focused in on the verbs that I used.  This month, Fantasy Magazine wanted something spooky for Halloween, and it must accompany a photo or image.  A friend of mine sent me a link to some artists and I asked permission to use one of the images.  Once  I had permission, the writing began.  I had a few false starts, but once I hit the keynote of the story it flowed.  Confining it to 1000 words was the difficult part.  The story is better, however, the ending still needs a little tweaking.  I still have not named the story either.   Submissions have to be sent out by the 16th, but mine will be done by the 15th.

One thing that has helped me with this story is reading it out loud.  You might think that reading it in your head would be the best way to find mistakes, but studies have proven that your mind will skip over mistakes.  Reading a passage out loud makes you think about what you read.  Sunday, when I first started writing the story I noticed many weak points where it needed adjustment just by reading it aloud. Tonight, I shall read it again out loud, make more adjustments, and polish it again before sending it off on Thursday.


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