I have very eclectic musical tastes.  I listen to everything from classical to hard rock.  The only two genres of music I do not care too much for is some jazz and some types of rap.   Most of the music I listen to has a very steady yet hard beat and a harsh back bone of some sort of stringed instrument.  Some days it is guitars and some it is cello.  A few weeks ago, a friend suggested a site called Pandora, and since then I have been hooked.  So far I have six different radio stations, one just a simple eclectic scramble of music, while the others are more selective.

Today I had quite a suprise.  I was listening to my mix of musics and a familiar tune came up but it sounded odd.  I rushed to the computer, to see what was up.  The song was “Enter Sandman” but it was not  played by Metalica,  instead it was a string version of the song…. on cello!   Appocalyptia is the band that was playing.  I looked up some other music on YouTube and dang I am hooked.

I love Metalica songs,  the long guitar rifs to the music, the short direct lyrics, the rough raw tone of the music.  It all comes down to a primal needy feeling I get.  It is good writing music for when your characters are in some dire straights.

Everyone knows that rock has its roots in various types of music, but I had never thought that it would be in folk music.    “Nothing Else Matters”  takes on an entirely new dimension when played on cello.   The Metalica version is a love balad, but when played by a symphonic rock band, you can clearly hear the roots of the music.


2 responses to “Music

  1. This sounds great! I should check out Pandora too. I’ve heard of it but haven’t taken the time to hear or play with it yet. I have the app on my phone but haven’t activated it yet. Like you, I’m also very eclectic in my music tastes and I love hearing acousitic versions of the songs I love but I never thought about switching it up to classic versions. I’ll be hooked too! I do love the classics and they are just what I need when I want to feel calm. 🙂


    • I love Pandora when I just want some music streaming in the background. When I want a specific kick I switch to Grooveshark. 🙂


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