I am not sure where this keeps coming from, but it sure is annoying.  My categories should read, Dailies, Music, Writing, Writing Random and Weekly Columns, but for some reason I do not understand the #1 keeps popping back in there.  It is not a category I have made and I have moved posts away from it.  I accidentally deleted a few posts last week trying to get rid of it!  Is it some strange number stalker, or is it some freakish glitch that I don’t have any idea how to remove?

I have my boys this week, always a combination of joy and confusion.  My oldest has just hit puberty and boy let me tell you, moody is not a good word.  He needs his head cracked a few times of late. This morning he went off a bit about shirts and jeans, and socks… that were still lying on the couch because he had not put them up.  Well he now has a few extra chores for his outburst this morning.  It was not a complete meltdown, but he was slinging words he had no right to be swinging.

I had my first rejection from a contest yesterday.  I was quite pleased with my story, however it still felt short.  Perhaps with a bit more tweaking I can get it to read a bit better.  My first novel is still sitting in edit phase while I write a few more notes on the second book.  Another long story is being slowly developed while I have a few shorts that hang about.

My first month of writing a column for the paper is going well.  Yesterday I had two people tell me that they liked what I had wrote.  This week will be my fifth column.  I don’t have many idea on what to write for next week, but it will come to me later.


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