Apparently Mother Nature seems to think that Missouri needs to be nice and wet before winter comes.  We have had only a few dry days in the last three weeks.   So far the rains have been light this week, but a few weeks ago they were quite heavy.  I tend to stay in the office on the bad ones, but I must go out on the light ones.  I am going to have a huge argument with my land lady, my roof still leaks… someone was supposed to be by this weekend.  Yea… right…


The trees are at their brightest colors this week here,  by the next few, the colors will begin to fade as more and more of the leaves fall.  There is already a golden carpet in my yard from the maples.  Usually the trees with gold leaves like walnuts fall first, followed by orange and red.  The last to fall are the rusty colored oaks, some keep their leaves until spring.   It is truly a sight to view a cloudy day with the bright fiery colors of autumn.


Not really much to say today.  Sales bite.  Writing goes on, and edits are taking forever.


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