Merry Christmas!… Oh wait, not quite yet.

It’s time for another weekly column!


It isn’t even Halloween and already many places are screaming about Christmas sales, parties, and what you need to get everyone on your list. Sure its okay to be early, but decorating your office, business, or home before Thanksgiving seems a bit… much.

We live in a fast paced world, where we run as fast as we can for at least five days a week, and then try to relax the last two before starting it all up again. I don’t know about anyone else, but trying to wind down after a busy week takes more than two days. It might be Sunday afternoon before I feel the tension running out of me and by that time I have to mentally gear up for the week ahead.

We tend to treat our holidays the same way. Especially those at the end of the year. There seems to be this mad rush to get it all started, and by the time it gets here it is such a blur you don’t get to enjoy it.

It starts with Halloween, well maybe just before it anyway. Mid-September starts the gradual descent into the holiday madness when the first costumes are put on the racks and the candy aisles begin to fill up. By the time October arrives, you can see the first hints of Thanksgiving décor in the far corners of the stores. By the time Halloween does arrive, all of the Thanksgiving items are at the front with Christmas decorations right on its heels. All this time, many stores are planning pre-Christmas sales, hoping to catch the buyer when they have a bit of extra cash on hand. The T.V. flashes bright commercials on the latest toys and reminders on how many shopping days you have left. It’s such a rush-rush-rush, push-push-push that you find yourself caught up without even knowing you started.

Planning ahead makes sense, but when there is no distinction between holidays you lose something important. Anymore it’s just a blur of spending and bright colors, that leaves you exhausted by the first of the year. You realize that in all the rush you really didn’t enjoy any of it. Precious time with family and friends is lost in the dizziness of the said “holiday season.” I, for one, am going to resist looking at another holiday until Halloween is over.


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