Finally, Finally, I am getting my roof fixed!  The land lady came in last night (after dark so she could not see the state of the outside of the roof) along with a repair man to discuss what needs to be done.  The back roof has to be torn off, the decking replaced, tar paper put back on and re-shingled.  The leak in the middle of the roof will be fixed.  I found a leak in a water pipe and that too is scheduled for repair.  I do hope that this time things will be fixed correctly.

I kept the kids home from school yesterday because they have… something.  The oldest was running a good fever all day while the youngest was running a moderate temp. on and off.  They both have a bit of congestion, a cough, and runny noses.  The youngest has also complained about his stomach hurting a bit.  Today both the temps are lower, if not gone all together.  If they feel much better most of the day I will consider sending them to school tomorrow. That is, if they have school.

I skipped writing yesterday, sorry, but with sick kids, some mad cleaning on the house, and other stuff, I was not in the mood for it.  I will make it up tonight, or rather later this afternoon as I will be heading home early.

Last week I received 2 books from Mercades Lackey, The Foundation and Phoenix Transformed. The Foundation was a quick light read.  Enjoyable, but somewhat lacking in depth of plot. I think I read it in about 4 hours.  Phoenix Transformed was a deeper story, it took longer to read, but again lacked something.  Lackey is one of my favorite writers, I have almost all of her books.  Perhaps it is because I am growing as a writer, or perhaps my reading tastes have changed, but her work no longer enthralls me like it used to.

Right now reading Deception Point by Dan Brown.  Over half-way through.  I will finish it tonight.


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