I am one of those lucky people who wake up in the middle of the night to stare at the ceiling at some ungodly hour.  I know it is due to stress.  Work, life, kids and a mix of other things, that would take too long to mention, combine in my head to produce restless nights and early wakings.  I have dealt with this before.  At one time I had spent about six months on about four hours sleep a night.  You deal with it, but it is not always pleasant.

I am sure that many of you could give me ideas on how to deal with this.  I have done my research.  Mine is a genetic predisposition as my mom often has insomnia and I believe one of my sisters and my brother does also.  My mom said her peak of insomnia was about age 40 to 45  and hers started about at age 36 so looks like I am right on track.

Of course it does not help that I tend to over think things, I worry a lot and I like to pick things over in my head.   I have not found the right stress relief although I am working on some paintings and some exercises.   I might even try some easy yoga stretches before bed next week and see if that might help.

Getting another job soon is going to be a priority.  I have some resumes out, but have yet to hear from anyone yet.  Sales, well can we just mention that I have not got many in the past two weeks.  Some mornings, like this one, its a gut churning sensation knowing that I have to attempt the impossible.  You are not supposed to take sales personally, but when you have about 30 “no’s”  before you get a maybe, it gets to you.

Supposedly, the roofers will be here today to work on the roof.  I hope they fix it right.  It should not take but a few hours, but the guy said it might take them all day.  *shakes head in disgust*  It’s not a big section,  just 9×25 or something close to that.  I am not sure how much they will be taking off, or how much damage is underneath.  It might take all day.


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