Character names

Well had  bit of a surprise yesterday when my sales manager stopped in yesterday morning so I did not get my blog up yesterday but here goes today’s.

My boyfriend asked me why I chose such odd names for my characters.  He was talking about my World of Warcraft (WoW) characters, but he was also referring to my characters that I write about because I often use the names for both.  I do admit that I have chosen some odd ones:  Syrich, Ryen (pronounced Ray‘ en), Tyranna, Tuit, Ayree, and others, but it made me think as to why I chose those particular names.

Mostly they are made up, bits and pieces of syllables and sounds that I carefully pronounce until I have it right, the name that is.  The character is a much different matter all together. Sometimes I go through many names before I come up with the right one.  The character Syrich went through several names before I stuck with this one.

Often my world of writing and my world of games do not mix with the nature of the characters.  On WoW, Syrich is a paladin healer, decently geared and confidant.  In my story, Syrich is a warmage, unstable in her mind and body, and running for her life from things she does not yet understand.

They are dissimilar in the fact that one world is very structured and the other is not.  For instances we do not role play on the server that I am on in WoW.  There are other servers that do but not this one.  If I were to play on a RP realm I would have to choose a new name that did not correspond with any of my other characters.

But as to the why of the name?  I am not really sure.  Since they are mostly made up, I cannot give a clear reason as to why I chose them.  All I know is, when I write, it has to be the right one.


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