Character building: Setting

Yesterday I introduced you to  Gualt.   I have built a rough skeleton of him thus far, but I would like to know more about where he lives before I fill in anymore details.

Yesterday I mentioned that he lived in a town, but until right now I have not given you any more details on size, population, or any other details.  We can quickly give a rough sketch of this right now.

Gualt lives in a town called Smithhaven, with a bustling population of about 4,000 to 6,000. I want the town to be large enough to be able to support his work, yet small enough that it would be very likely that he would interact with his neighbors and co-workers often.  Right now Gualt is employed so that means something is encouraging growth in this town.  Perhaps the religion?  The nobles are rebuilding their homes?  Or is the army making a new garrison?  Perhaps it is all three.

I will be going with the answer that the town is in the process of being rebuilt after some fighting or wars.   A year after the battles are over, Smithhaven is slowly being rebuilt.  Temporary wooden structures built by the Trishyar armies are being torn down while permanent structures are slowly taking shape.  There is a constant stream of materials coming from the quarries near the river and on the side of the mountains.  After being released from military service Gualt finds himself going back to his father’s trade and setting stones and mortar.  He is only a worker, but he is proud of his job, his military and his country.  They were victorious in this campaign and had captured Smithhaven along with most of the land bordering the wild river Ryhar.

As you can see, we have just learned just a bit more about our character.  He has been a soldier and has pride in his country.  Next time we will explore some other things in our own quest to discover more about Gualt.


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