I had an accident…

No, it was not the screech of tires and the crunch of collapsing metal frames, and neither was it the momentary loss of balance that leads you to introduce yourself to the ground abruptly, nor was it the kind of accident that leaves a mess behind.  It was not any of these, yet it was profound.

Monday was my birthday, and for a few hours I lost all of the years that I had been unhappy and simply enjoyed the day.  It was wonderful to just laugh smile and just enjoy.   It is becoming easier and easier to do this.  At first I think I resisted, I did not know how to be happy, how to smile freely, and how to enjoy myself.  It is not always an easy thing to do if you have been miserable for a while.  It is not like a light switch where you turn things on and off.  It is more of a gradual finding of yourself again, where you can let down the barriers that you had erected to protect yourself.

For some it can take years, for others it seems a few days.   But Monday, I had an accident and I felt the last of those protections tumble down.

Thank you Baby!  Smoochies


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