No more sales!

While at an IEP meeting for my oldest son, I got a call from my boss.  She was on her way to the office and we had to have a talk.   Now I have probably already said many times that sales was not the job for me.  Its not, I am just not the kind of person who is comfortable about approaching people to sell things to.  I am much more confidant about things I know much about and am approached about.  (yes there is a huge difference)

So I was finished with my meeting (it went well) and came back to the office.  Boss lady was not here yet so I started my list for sales calls for the day, having an idea of what she wanted to talk about. She had a meeting with the sales manager in the other office the afternoon before, and I thought it was about my poor results in sales.

So boss gets in, and she is cheerful, usually a good sign.  She then announces that my efforts were appreciated in sales but I am now back in the office!  WOOT!!!  Truthfully I though there was a chance that I was going to be fired.  Yes I thought there was a chance of it.  Though not really likely unless they had someone immediately to take my place.

So now I am back in the office, doing what I do best, managing the office, doing deposits, and organizing the chaos that the boss lady has left in the months I have been out of the office.  I have to sort out 2009 files and replace them with 2010 files.  Lots of cleaning to do- mostly a big stack of papers need to be filed.

I shall have more time again for serious writing my duties will not take so long now.  🙂  I am so very relieved!


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