Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

It is such a relief to be back in the office again, doing a job that I know I am good at.  Last week I was asked if I wanted to continue with sales. I said no, and in turn got my old job back!  I am now back to my old job of production manage/office manager/office mule and believe me I am so much happier for it.

I shall definitely have more time for writing again.  Even here at the office.  I can get more done in less time than the boss ever has, and started off my return with having the paper finished an hour ahead of schedule. 😉

The wind outside groans as it twists around the buildings as though it has been torn apart mercilessly.  On occasion a sheet of tin slaps down sharply as the wind screams around town.  Sharp white flakes fly through the air in a restless attempt to fall to the ground.  The cold, the bitter restless cold, forces itself upon you, raping  bare skin of its warmth. Even the clouds, low slung and seeming not to move at all, are struck with the legarthy of winter’s first kiss.


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