Interview with my vampire

Last night a friend on the FW forum helped me tremendously with a character that I wanted to use for the the new Wasteland Series RP .  I had one character already set out, but as she is not going to be used quite yet, I wanted something to use a little more immediately.  I had the basics, what he looked like, supplies and weapons, but I did not know who he was.  Havoc suggested a character interview and I agreed.

The first question was his name, which I had not picked out until moments before.  Alex seemed reasonable, though odd for the part of the country he originated from.  From there we did a little history and his thoughts on some of the things going on in the setting.  It turns out that he is a thief,  thug for hire and occasional sniper.  Alex is not your ordinary night walker however.  He is a vampire whose family has a long and bloody history.  In fact, his family is endangered of being wiped out because of their own foolishness.  Meddling in certain areas of magic do not make for a long an happy life.

Another thing that I found very interesting was the fact that as the interview went on I had the nagging suspicion he was looking for someone.  Someone very important. I dropped out of character and provided that bit of information and I knew it was his sister.  I had no idea that he even had one until that moment.

I have tried to interview characters myself, but jumping from character to self had never seemed to work.  By utilizing a friend to do the interview, it allowed me to immerse myself in the character a bit more fully.  I am pleased with Alex and the fact that he might have given Havoc another plot thread to work with later.

If you write and are stuck in a portion of the story have someone try this little trick with you, it might just help immensely.


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