What exactly is a forum RP?

Now I am no expert, I have perhaps only a few Role Playing (RP) games under my belt, a few table top sessions, a chat session ongoing with a friend, and a few video games, but RP games are a chance to explore someone else’s world.

Monara has gone into great detail on the Wasteland series and let me tell you that it is a very rich environment! Havoc has spent a lot of time thinking of this world.  He even lets anyone who wanders into the forum chat assist on planning and development of weapons, armor, vehicles and characters.

Last week he opened up a new chapter in the series Modern Magic (MM).  Set in the present day, this is an Earth full of magic, mystery and mayhem.  Vampires, ‘weres, and other various creatures roam the world.  The main city in MM is Donegal Ireland but there are many other references to modern day cities. MM takes place before the apocalyptic catastrophe that destroys most of the world as we know it.

What is most interesting to me at this time is that Havoc truly enjoys bringing in ideas from the players that participate.  If you suggest something that is reasonable then he will do his best to in cooperate it. For instance, as I was speaking yesterday about the interview with my character, Havoc has deftly entwined in some of my ideas into his work.   This makes the RP more personal, and it really makes me want to see how this goes!

Wastelands is the official RP of the Fifthwind forum.  If you are interested in writing (we are mostly sf/fantasy but anyone willing to contribute is welcome) or want to check out the RP section please stop by.  We are a very friendly group, just watch out for the Novelist!


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