After the interviews of last week’s characters and anticipation over the beginning of Modern Magic (MM), I turned my focus to a few of my own projects. When I start working on a character, I tend to have a very detailed back ground story that just waits to be tapped.  Some times it is easy to begin writing on a character, others well it takes a bit of work.

A few years ago a friend and I started a RP in chat.  Well, it started with the 3 of us but one dropped so the two of us continued.  Right now it is kind of in limbo as the holidays are making everything a bit chaotic to our once a week RP sessions.   It involves several characters, and sometimes we cross over with who is in control with what but it works.

Now I started my main character just as a base f*cked up character.   Over the past year, we have opened up her past and she has settled nicely into the role she is in.  However, there are several stories that need to be told about her.  They might never be published but they do need to be written.

The first night, Saturday, I wrote just under 1500 words.  Last night I wrote just over 1300.  I plan to write at least 1000 per day on this story until it is complete.  I have no idea how long this story is or how long it will take.  Right now I am not concentrating on a lot of details unless it hits me as important.  I can go back later and fill in those with the first or second edit.   I do know that this will be a series of at least 3 stories,  perhaps books, not sure of either.  I do not have a specific goal in this one as I do not know where it leads… yet, but as I write I have  a feeling that there is a lot more going on than I know at this very moment!

It is very good to be writing again.


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