What if…

Well in just over a week I have written just over 11,000 words.  I think that is quite a feat because I am quite rusty at the writing thing again.  The question is, can I keep this up?  I do believe so, as long as I keep writing and think about how I want this to go every day.  I did push myself a bit this weekend requiring 2,000 words instead of 1,000 but that was easy enough to do.  In a few weeks I want to push that more, but I know I am not ready for that yet.  Give me about a month, on the weekends I don’t have the kids and I bet I can at least double that number.

Writers are an odd breed of folks.  A lot of us are observers, we sit in the background and watch as people and things go by.  We can and do participate in life, but there is a little bit of us that sees things and then wonders “what if?”

I bet that question has gotten more than myself in trouble with others.  I, for one, will at times get lost in that little world that opens up with that question.  What if that man and woman walking down the hall were to….  or What if those kids did… or What if that car could not stop at that…. What if…

That is what I do during my non writing hours. The people that I meet, the things that I see, the stories that I write.  What if… this.  What if…. that?  What if…

It gets to be that I have the story going on in the back of my head, playing out scenes until they feel right.  Some days it is very easy, some it is a bit more of a challenge.  Not every thing will fit, some of those I write down and keep for later, others well, I discard and forget.

I have not quite got to that point yet.  I still have to focus on what I want to happen next.  Half way through my first novel,  it had become a habit to have it going most of the day. When I sat down I knew what I was going to be writing next,  not all of the exact details but I did know what was going to happen in the next 1,000 words or so.  I am about there with this one.  I still have to actively ask myself what happens, but it is not as difficult as when I first started.

So as I work today, I will be asking myself… What if…


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