Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

I might make a post tomorrow, or not, it depends on how the day goes.

The kids are at their dad’s, then off to his mom’s before they come to my house so I have time to write, post and do… whatever.  I still have no idea what day we go to my family (long story involving multiple broken families).

The things under the tree are kind of scarce, I don’t have a lot of money to spend.  I am so glad the boys are old enough to understand. They will be picking out some things from amazon with a limit on price. Then as I have the cash, they will get the gift.  Might stretch it out some maybe a few months.  It would be fun to present the kids with random Christmas gifts throughout the first few months of the year. 🙂

It makes me feel better that the kids understand.  There are many times I have to tell them “no” when they want something.  Sometimes I can get it later, but not always.  Parenting is hard,  and trying to make it as a single parent is even more so.  Hard choices are in the making, but they probably should have been made earlier.

But anyway, everyone have a nice holiday. Drive safely and don’t eat too much fruit cake!


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