Success and failure

Well this weekend was both a success and a failure.

Christmas went well even though there was not much under the tree.  As my oldest told me in a very firm voice “Mom it’s okay” and I kind of had to look at him.  He is not a child anymore.  Somewhere, sometime my brightly shining little boy has matured not into a man yet, but into a sub adult.  He has drug his little brother with him in ways that only younger siblings can understand.  There is tension between them at times, but others they let go of the pretenses and act like children again.

Friday evening was one of those days were the child in both of them snuck out and the mischief ensued.  Gifts carefully wrapped were stripped of the flimsy paper wrappings and the boys swiftly found every crack in the taped defenses.  The ripping paper was like hearing a pair of snarling cats that stalked each other.  Occasionally a wad of paper flew across the room to hit the other sibling square on the side of the head or chest or back.  The boys laughed and teased and rolled in the floor as they wrestled out of pure fun.  I joined them in a quick tickle fest, leaving the three of us breathless for just a few moments with the merriment of it all.

Christmas was  a success, even with my doubts of it all.  However my writing was a failure.

I have to laugh at myself at times.  I do suppose that 15,000 words in two weeks is not bad especially with the holidays intruding on my writing time.  I did try to write every day, but  with gift wrapping, issues with my internet, and family gatherings I tended not to write much.  But this past week did improve my word count not the goal of 20,000 words but but each day at least writing some.  This week I will definitely hit my goal of 20,000 though by next Monday I would like to hit 25,000 and that is doable IF I am able to get computer time.  I can make some of it up at work, if I do not have much to do, but work at work comes first, unfortunately.

This will be a week of leftovers, laughs and good times.  I have no doubt that the boys will keep me occupied for most of the week, they always do.  The kind of distraction provides a lot of joy in my life, a lot of smiles.  I am so glad that I have them.


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