I finally began utilizing my twitter account a few weeks ago and amazingly enough I have found a vast store of information in just 140 characters per post.

As far as writing goes, I have found editors, writers, agents and those who read the slush piles.  Most of them have links to their blogs, and what I have found is enlightening.

The  most visual is something that I seem to lack, in both my writing and sometimes in my life, Passion.  Compared to some, my characters are flat, they have little drive and it shows.  It is something of a revelation, as I knew they were missing something, but I did not quite know what it was.  Now, oh glory now, I can see why my story seems flat.  It is something to keep in mind as I continue to write.

My life?  Well that is another story.  I have a few things I feel passionate about, My kids and my relationship with B, but what else?  The rest of my family?  They barely notice me, and at one time that hurt a lot, but no longer.  My job?  Not when you have been jerked around for almost three years and the place is just shy of closing its doors for good.  School?  Well I’ll get back to that this fall, I hope. But what else in my life am I passionate about?

I think that a lot of time we think of passion as a very strong feeling about something.  Passion does not have to be an inferno in our lives.  Passion can be a single candle burning.  For example:  I know many other writers who are very obsessive of their craft.  It takes up a lot of their life to the point that they seem to ignore everything else.  I have kids, a job, a house, pets, and several other distractions that take up a lot of time.  Yes I feel strongly about my writing, however it does not take over my life (well not always). Other things like being out in the sunshine, and getting some exercise are all important too, but they are not obsessive.

I am have become passionate about some things, such as free will, choice, and the ability of others to think for themselves.  I have become passionate about the concerns of my children.  They just do not devour me.   Perhaps it seems cold at times and I know that others have seen me as distant and removed but I do have passions.

What I need to do is vary the passions of my characters.  I need to make some more obsessive on certain critical areas while others need to be pared down so that they seem distant and cold.   I think this variation will help me greatly in my writing.


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