Not complete

Time seems to weigh more heavily as hours drag into days.  A simple glance at the clock proves only five minutes have passed, although it feels as if a year has slipped by.  I cannot help but fidget, my thoughts racing in my mind, pounding out my normal desires.  Nervously I twist my hair around my fingers and chew lightly on the ends.

Disgusted with myself, I walk away, distracting myself within the pages of a book.  It is no use, my thoughts drift back to you, my love, my darling.  A soft smile lifts the frown that had settled on my face.  Your voice tickles my memories and I know my eyes sparkle with merriment.  I brush the locks from my eyes, remembering the way your gentle hands caressed my face.

I sigh happily no longer fighting the trail of my own thoughts.  It no longer frightens me to think that without you, I am not complete.


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