Weekly Newspaper column

We had quite a cold week last week, and of course, the other columns mentioned it but I thought I’d try a bit of humor.

With the wicked weather dissipating and normal temperatures restored, we can look upon our ordeal of the bitter cold with a bit of  fondness.  It was cold, much more than usual, surprising many of us.  We have gotten used to mild winters,  in fact down right spoiled if I do say so.  With the cold outside and relative warmth inside, going out unnecessarily was not an option. Most people stayed indoors, but a few of us had to brave the roads. Driving in the weather we have had for the past week can be quite interesting, but just getting out to the car can be an adventure in itself.

It all starts with looking outside and checking the temps to see if heading to the store or errands are even worth it. Anything below the teens requires every inch of skin being covered especially with the wind blowing.  You grab the coat, gloves, hat and boots and spend about fifteen minutes getting dressed enough to just go out the door.

Then you step outside, into the snow, very cold, wet and unpleasant. You step back inside to grab the shovel, and proceed to dig your way off of the doorstep to the vehicle in question.  Depending on the type of snow this can be either a quick job or a very long labor intensive job.  If you have young people in your household, I suggest bribes of cash to do this unpleasant business.

Some of us are lucky enough to have a carport or garage to park our car under, otherwise it takes about ten minutes to find the door handle under that snow.  During this search you cross your toes, because your fingers are too cold, that the doors are not frozen shut, which is another adventure all together.

Once the door handle is found and you can open the door, you can squeeze yourself into the car, perhaps  you can if you do not have too many layers on.  You fumble with the keys, as the gloves are a bit clumsy to deal with.  Carefully you turn the key, hoping that your car is not as cold natured as the neighbor’s, who is currently only receiving a very strangled wrrrr, wwwrrrr,  wrrrr. The lights come on, a bit of a sputter, and thankfully, it starts.


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