Fortune’s sun, shadows linger

Yesterday was one of those days where something in the universe just aligned just right and what flowed out was magic or at least a prelude to magic.  I have more roughs,  ideas that just need some tweaking, some stewing, and some pounding in order to achieve something great.  It started with my blog, a short piece that just kind of popped out.  It is not perfect in any way, shape or form, but it is an idea.  Something to keep in mind for later.

Then came a challenge on Ligthouse Refuge, one of the writing forums I participate in.  It was supposed to be just a short description of a bridge.  Supposed to be, that is the key words here. It ended up being a much longer piece than I intended at just over 600 words.  It is one of those pieces that after writing it, you have left a chunk of your own flesh still in it.  You are still bleeding, lightly and it will take a few hours to seal the wound.   I like the piece, of course there is more to it but I will find it later.

Then there is a matter of a duel piece that I worked on at the Fifthwind forums a while back.  It was a duel between me and FW and the subject was ice cream.  I have written more on it and have been bouncing the idea of a much longer work.  I have some research to do about the 40s and 50s eras in the US to see where the story would have a bigger impact.  This would be my first attempt at a YA story.  *shrugs*  but it feels right.

I spent the evening bouncing between the hilarity of  ColleenLindsay on twitter and his #thingsishouldnotseeinaquery list, IM with my friends and some serious writing time on Dragon Masque.  In less than 30 minutes I had over 500 words on the page and before 9 p.m. I had just over 1,000.  In the mean time I looked at some recipes for candied ginger, a bit of research on some minor things, and talking with my love. ( 😉  love you BABY!)

The words just flowed from me yesterday, I am not sure where they came from but they hit me over the head and carried me downstream more swiftly than I would have thought.  It took a long time to get to sleep, that writing high felt just as good as a runner’s high (yes I have experienced that, unfortunately my knees cannot handle that abuse any more). More stories turned over in my head, even with trying to read Mystic River I have read about four chapters in it and I was hooked after the first page.  Dennis Lehane dances a bit on the purple prose but he does it with purpose.  I will enjoy the book much more than the movie.

But no matter how fortune smiles on your day, shadows always linger.  I interviewed for a job last week and received a letter today that I did not get the job.  *shrugs*  a couple of tears, a well placed handkerchief, and I go on.  Not getting this job is not the end of the world, however it is a big disappointment.  I guess I shall just shoot for something else.  My writing for instance, I always have that.


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