Writing in the dark

It had been humming in the back of my mind for most of the day.  Just a bit of background noise like the buzzing of a beehive hidden in the trees that separated my yard from the fields of clover. An image here, a whisper of sound, a faint sweet scent, none of it making much sense until I turned out the light and let myself relax.

It happens this way, you have some idea that floats in your head for a few days, then suddenly you feel the pangs of labor and your ideas have now pulled themselves together concreting a scene, a plot, an image in your head.

I was tired, the boys were settled down to sleep, and I had just turned out the lights.  Snuggled down with layers of winter blankets and cradling my pillow I started to relax thinking about my day.  I had started well with 1,497 words on Dragon Masque and had spoken a bit with my mom on some philosophical issues.  Then my mind wandered to what I would next.  It’s a process I go through every night.  It only takes a few minutes but even ten will give me an idea of how the next scene will go.

Dragon Masque was progressing nicely, but I poked at an image that had been tickling the back of my mind.  For Shock Totem, we are doing a monthly short which will be voted on by the members of the forum.  We have 1 week in which to write our story and submit it.  This month the prompt is  carnival.   I have until Saturday to write my story but I had no idea what to write.

At least until I went through my nightly ritual of mentally toying with my writing.  Usually this consists of going over what I wrote and seeing where I want it to go the next day. It does not take long, but it allows me to wind my mind down so I can sleep.  Some days my head is so caught up with the stories and characters that I have to have a bit of time to come back to the real world.

I had plenty of time to think about Dragon Masque so I turned my thoughts to this challenge for Shock Totem.  I suddenly had one phrase, then another and another crowding my head like eager children at an ice cream truck.  They each wanted attention and wanted it NOW!  lol  I had already turned off the lights in my room, but I always have a notebook by my bed, waiting for those bright sudden impulses that come with dreams and random thoughts.  I had only the faint light from the kitchen to see by, but I filled a hurried page of slanted red ink.

Today I am looking at the half formed paragraphs, the imagery that was so bright and solid before I set the notebook aside and cuddled back with my pillows and blankets.  As I drifted to sleep thinking of warm arms around me, I still heard the faint echoes of laughter and the sirens.


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