A quiet little world

Last week I was very excited because I had gotten some wonderful feedback on my Shock Totem challenge piece.  Unless I get all of the rest of the votes, it is very unlikely that I will win.  For me winning was not the point.  It was the exploration of a prompt and how far I could go with it.  In this case, I feel that I can go quite far.

But first, I have to decide how this story is going to go.  I want to keep with the feel of the short, but I know that will be a push to keep that intensity.  I have danced on the edge of purple prose, almost drowning my story in rich description.  It fits the short but I do not know if it will fit the longer piece.

Its a piece about coming home, about an unlikely soldier in a war that can not be won out-right.  Its a story of small battles and how in the scheme of things, those small victories make a bigger difference than larger ones.  It’s a big story in a small setting.  A glimpse into a world familiar to our own yet vastly different.

I will be working steadily towards this project.  Outlining it first then writing.  Then edits and asking others to read it.


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