Down to earth

For the past few months I have been writing a column for the local paper that I work at.   It’s not much, just a few hundred words on the opinion page.  It has been fun to write, I can express a few opinions that I have and ruffle a few feathers.  I don’t ruffle them much, but I have received a few “letters  to the editors” in response.

What I enjoy most is that I can write freely.  I have a very “down to earth” style in this kind of writing and it goes well with the community.  I write about things that matter to those here, like the by bit of humor with trying to get the car started on a -8 degree morning.  I don’t float around and dance over rumors.  I have no interest in supporting political, religious, or other views except my own.  It is my own mouthpiece to my community.

At times it is a bit difficult to get those 300 or so words out. I have several false starts for each column.  I have lots of dead end, but I usually pull it out in the end.

If you write, you might want to consider writing for a local paper.  I have learned quite a bit about styling, deadlines, and what people would like to see in a paper.  After all, if you cannot write for the people you want to reach  why write at all?


3 responses to “Down to earth

  1. I don’t write for my local newspaper, but for a small ezine and I know what you’re talking about! It is a great release and positively freeing. It’s nice to hear that you enjoy it so much! About the “letters to the editor,” I figure there is always someone waiting to be upset or offended or whatever they were. And you can’t please everyone ya know?

    I dig your blog too! Glad I popped over here!
    Have a great day! Happy writing!
    Hinny from Shock Totem 😛


  2. Dunno if you moderate your comments and that’s why mine has flown the coop, but I wanted to comment on your blog! It’s a great place and I totally think working for a local newspaper is awesome. It’s a great way to train your noggin for different things. I don’t work for a newspaper, a smaller ezine that is sort of the same as you. Topical pieces that are nice to write.

    If you do moderate, you can erase this one or the other…
    Have a great night! Happy writing!!
    Hinny from Shock Totem


    • Thank you very much Hinny.

      Sometimes it is hard to decide what to write about, you have to be selective otherwise, you ruffle a few feathers. (this I have done a few times >.< and not intentionally either!) You have deadlines, along with your other work, and you just have to make yourself sit down some days and write it. Generally my 300 or so words only take about 20 minutes. Once I have the idea I just write it out, then stop at the end.


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