There are times I do not mind waiting.  There are other times I do.  Today is one of the days I do mind.

I interviewed for a job last week.  It was a good interview and I was told that if the supervisor was in charge of the decision, the job was mine.  However, it is not completely up to her.  She had to present three choices to a board, the final decision was theirs.  They were supposed to meet on Tuesday evening.  Today is Thursday.  I keep glancing at my phone.

Other reasons I am restless today is a work project that we are working on.  I have it almost completely finished and it is early.  That is good news.  The bad part is that I am still waiting on some things.  Once it is done I can relax and write again.  I have been nervous about this project, its important, and will keep this place going for perhaps another month longer.

Things are not going so well here.  Bills are starting to pile up and I have little to push through.  Oh well, I’ll just keep going and hope as always for the best.


2 responses to “Restless

  1. I hate waiting… 😀

    It’s all about knowing in time, it will come. But that never quiets the impatience does it?

    Here’s hoping you hear something soon!

    Happy writing


    • I do too. This job is not going to last. Been here three years, but advertising revenue is down the toilet. I do not know if this office will last until spring. In the mean time, I will be working harder on writing. It seems to be the one of the good things that keeps me sane. B is the other. 😀


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