I took a peek at my blog stats this morning and wow!  I had 23 views yesterday!   To everyone who keeps track of me thanks!  Please make comments if you would like!

I guess the 10 things is quite interesting.  I have really enjoyed reading other people’s posts.  It is amazing what we find interesting about ourselves.  Perhaps we should do a quick interview for our fellow readers and reveal 5 things we have found interesting about them.

But any way,  I went to my great uncle’s 90th birthday party yesterday.  Imagine seeing 90 years of changing as you participate in the world around you.  I have not seen Carl in a few years, but he always looks pretty much the same.  His wife Neva has Parkinson’s and sometimes has a hard time getting out.  When I was really little they were a big part of my life.

My youngest has his last basketball games this weekend too.  They lost every game, however, they improved immensely each time they stepped out on the floor.  J needs to learn a lot, he’s a stubborn one but tough.  He will probably be a good forward some time if he keeps at it.  I need to get a basketball goal this summer so we can all play.

Project from hell is once more over.  Next one will be in May for the graduation tabloid we produce for the seniors of the local high schools.  That one really is a nightmare to produce.  Several hours of processing photos involved, though we don’t have to scan them.  Photos are submitted on a disk, thankfully.   The project from last week was the FFA tab for the 3 local chapters here.   The worst part is getting copy and photos from the Waynesville chapter.  Then building ads, proofs and corrections.  I ended up with about 60 hours last week.  I get compensated by being able to take a few days off with pay.    But it is done, out of my hands, published, printed and bound.  I will get to see how it looks on wed.

So to everyone who has been reading, thanks!


2 responses to “WhooHoo!

  1. Sounds like you had a busy couple of days Shadow!

    Congratulations on the 23 views and thanks for linking back to my blog! Funny thing is I think we all had a moment of “Wait, my stuff’s not that interesting!” LOL

    Also, I loved how you worded “Imagine seeing 90 years of changing as you participate in the world around you.” it’s pretty mind blowing and a great way to look at life. Made me think!

    happy birthday to your great uncle! And congrats on the finishing the project from hell!

    Happy writing


    • Thanks hon!

      Yep it makes you realize that your (not going to name how many birthdays) is not all that big of a number, but you have experienced a lot in life. Imagine two or three times that amount!

      And as to the project, well I am looking on how to reduce the stress from the next one. Not looking too good actually. But hopefully by then I will have something else to do.


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