The forge

I have come to understand that people are what they make of themselves.   The actions of others and the world around us are just hammers and files and sanding wheels that allows us to choose a shape for our lives.  Some of us choose to be swords;  some choose to be shields; some even choose to be works of art. Unfortunately, many choose not to forge themselves into anything and remain cold lumps of slag.

Life in not a journey to be endured.  It is a race to find out what you are before it ends.

There has been a lot of changes in my life over the past two years.  I have spent a year testing my resolve and now it is time to shoulder my pack and begin again.   Sometimes the path behind you crumbles and falls away.  It has with my life.  Now is the time to once more begin again.


2 responses to “The forge

  1. Shadow, this is a great post. It’s so very true for everyone everywhere and hopefully if people get lucky their path behind them does crumble.

    I’m on a journey myself, with myself right now so your words ring very true to me.

    Bravo. I love this post.

    Happy writing


  2. Thanks hon, I think I am going to work it into one of my stories. Kind of a personal thought kind of thing. It needs some fine tuning but it works for now.


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