If life were easy, non of us would ever have to make a hard decision.  Our lives would be patterned out like a beautiful quilt.  It would have purpose and meaning.  Unfortunately, life is not.

What I am faced with are decisions in what direction to take.

I can admit that I have not taken much of my life into my hands.  I could have made some better decisions. I could have pushed for more for my life, but I chose not to.  Yes I chose not to.  I admit that it was not the best choice but it was the choice I made.

Now I am faced with more tough decisions.  One leaves me hanging in a job that will definitely end sometime soon.  Another leaves me living with my parents and working a 2nd shift job in a factory.  Third is to try to hang on and hope for the best.

There are repercussions to each choice.  First, I lose a lot of freedom in any of them I chose. Another I risk losing my best friend and the man that I love because will will have more limited access to each other.  Third, I lose valuable time with my boys.

We can point at the economy and how it has derailed many plans in life.  So many people are scrambling to find jobs, so many are scrambling to just survive right now.  I am not the only one.

What I do have I feel I am blessed with.  I have my family, my boys, my love.  I have a passion of writing again even though my life is probably in the lowest swing it has ever been in.  I have my friends who are in the same sort of situations.

Decisions are not easy to make sometimes.  Weighing the possibilities sometimes seems daunting yet not making a decision has worse consequences than making a decision.  It will always bite you when you least expect it.  So make a choice. Weigh the possibilities.  Do what you have to, then what you want to.


One response to “Decsions

  1. The interesting thing about having to do what you might not want to is that sometimes it turns out to be the best thing for you. Whether it feels like it at the time or not. My heart goes out to you, though I’m not sure if that’s what you want. I assure you it’s not pity. I only know that the hardest stuff in life always hurts the most at times.

    I wish you luck in whatever decision you decide to make, and know that it will only be temporary just like everything else.

    Happy writing


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