Shock Totem has this month’s challenge up and running.  A few slight shifts in the rules but pretty much same as it was last month.  Well except for the 30 people who signed up!  This shall be a challenge.  I wrote mine last night.  A simple piece quite less than the 1,000 limit.  So far, 1 reading and nothing needs to be changed.  I’ll have someone else look probably before the day is out.

Next challenge for me is to finish this not so short story.  It started with a 700 word piece that I did a couple of years back.  Complete rewrite, needed backstory, elaborate the story is what I was told… so I did, and now it has taken on a life of its own.  Currently it is over 4,000 words and I still have not reached the meat of the story.  Perhaps not meat, but the main part of the conflict.  Right now, I expect this will double in words before I am done.

And of course the on going search for a new job.  Friday will be job search day.  I still have a few hours of OT left from the week from hell.  Going to use them up for a me day, kinda.


3 responses to “Challenges

  1. Hey Shadow!

    Good luck with the flash contest! Mine is sitting and stewing. For now, I have the frame, but tomorrow is my day to lay everything out. I am a little nervous still 😛 Also, can’t wait to read your new not so short, short. I’m doing the same with mine, it started out as a 500 word prompt, turned into a 3000 word on and now it’s grown even more!

    Like you said, good and bad all at the same time.

    Nice post
    Happy writing


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