Today is absolutely beautiful.  The sun is gently warming, the sky is pristine blue, and the temps are luring me into making a break for it and skipping work for the rest of the day.  My boys wore shorts today at to school.  No reason not to.  I might put on something a bit shorter later today, but walked outside with jeans and a lighter shirt.

The weather reminds me that the world is in a stage of regrowth.  After the long sleep of winter, plants are beginning to push through the decayed leaves; trees are beginning to bud and songbirds are returning to their nests.  Much the same with my writing.

I don’t know how things turn out this way, but spring always seems to lighten my mood.  When that happens, I start getting ideas.  Ideas turn into stories.  Stories take time.  Time I need to find in a hectic schedule.

Last night I wrote out two separate story lines.  One a prequel of the second. Well, actually the second was a synopsis of a longer piece I have been working on.  I have never written a real synopsis of a story, just a brief overview of what was going on.  Some of you might be wondering if there is a difference.  Believe me there is. You know the brief blurb about the book usually on the back cover?  That is a synopsis.  It is a hook to get the reader interested in what is inside.  It is a balance of putting just enough information and just enough hints at what is going on.  It is a carrot dangling in front of your prospective reader.

So now I have the basic structure of two stories. Or at least a synopsis for two stories.  I was not planning on the first one, the second one I had tumbling about in my head for most of the day.  The synopsis for Dragon Masque was expected, the first one that I wrote was not.  I did not realize that I needed a prequel.  A short story?  A novela?  I don’t know yet as it is not written.  I had planned on three books I may now be planning on four.


One response to “Synopsis

  1. Hey Shadow! You write with such emotion even in your blogs. I dig it so much!

    It’s always nice when things seems to pop out of no where, good luck with your series! I’m pretty good at the synopsis part it’s always the query that trips me up 😀

    Hope you enjoyed your warm day!
    Happy writing


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