Random paths

I am not much of a planner.  My life follows whatever path I seem to be on at the time.  This leads me to trouble and sometimes unexpected possibilities.

The same goes with my writing.  I am an organic writer or more specifically a pantser.  What this means is that I set my characters down in the situation and then let them figure things out as we go.  I do mean “we” in a very plural sense, because I find out about things just about the same time the character does.

This does not mean that I go blindly into a story. I do have some sort of a plan.  Events “A, B, and C” have to happen somewhere, but they are not set at any particular time or place.  I allow my characters and the story some freedom in what happens.  Perhaps they meet a new person who just happens to have some sort of idea that propels them forward or even holds them back a bit.  It is fine with me.

This week’s writing progress was slow with the boys here.  I do not write well in the morning.  I have tried getting up an hour early just to write.  I need about two hours before my mind starts hitting all 8 (or 6, I have no idea how many cylinders I have upstairs) smoothly.  I did write out a few synopsis for some novels.  I am glad that is accomplished.  I have a couple of new shorts to work on of approximately 2,000 words each ( I hope).  I have been waiting to tackle Dragon Masque until I get some shorts done.

Today I will be critiquing the Shock Totem entries for this month’s challenge.  This month, we are keeping our critiques secret until the end of the contest.  That way it is a surprise of who wins and why.  I am very excited about this.

Anyway thanks for reading,  comments are always appreciated and welcome (even if you disagree with me *wink*).


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