A bit of blog humor

Awwww…  my poor abused blog.  So very sorry that it is Thursday and I have not given you any writing love.

You see,  I have been busy.  *blog glares*

Oh come now, don’t look at me like that.  I’m not cheating (even if I read other people blogs).  I am not writing on another blog site. *I say hurriedly as the blog raises one eyebrow* I’ve just been busy.

*blog rolls eyes at me*

Oh come on now, you knew  I was a writer when I started.  Why do you act so surprised?  *I ask a bit dumbfounded*

*blog sniffs and turns its back on me*

Well if you want to act that way *pushes several pieces of paper under the nose of the unsuspecting blog and turn away my self.*

*papers shuffle, blog mumbles as it reads*

*papers appear back under my nose with red marks and notes scribbled on them.  I take a moment to read the ideas*

I wish you would have told me earlier.

*blog shrugs*

*I chew on my lip a moment*  Well this is what I am working on now….

The above really didn’t happen however I felt a bit humorous today.  No this is not a normal part of my life.  I am a SERIOUS person.  Yea, the kind that puts function over fashion.  It drives some of my friends and family nuts but I am getting better at it. And yes, I on occasionally do it all on purpose. *wink*


4 responses to “A bit of blog humor

  1. LOL! Humor is definitely a nice tool to keep in your belt, and you’re quite the humorous bunny. (Of course it may be a frothing, rapid, cannibal bunny, (:P because of the fabulous words of horror that come from your mind.) but a bunny nonetheless. )

    Nice idea to give some love to your ornery blog! Thanks for the chuckle.

    Happy writing


  2. Poor, poor blog needs to understand that when it comes to writing, it will always have to take the back seat. Maybe it should have thought things through better way back when it decided to be a blog. There was a moment when it considered being a short-story, and it even daydreamed a time or two about being a novel someday…but then, on a whim, it enrolled in blogdom and the rest is history. Too bad, so sad. 😀


    • Either that or it decided that instead of the box under the bed it could serve as bouncing board for random ideas, thoughts, and my general mental well being. So far, it has served me pretty well.


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