Well I got my first electronic rejection this morning.

I submitted a story written from a prompt from @jaymgates  on twitter.  She is one of the editors of Little Death, an up and coming publication branching from Crossed Genres.  Actually, I received two prompts that evening.  The second did not fit the guidelines for LD, so after some editing I will be looking for a home for “She Brings the Sun.”

However, back to the REJECTION!  I really could make someone wiggle uncomfortably, but I am not going to.  I pulled out my story this weekend and I agree with the rejection.  The voice is much too passive.  I need to dig in it a bit.  Find the characters and let them speak instead of dictating what they do.   I will probably rewrite it this weekend and resubmit.

Now people deal with rejection in different ways.  Some, ignore it.  Some take it too much to heart.  Some blow it out of proportion.  And some, take it as advice and work to improve their writing.  I hope that when I do get a rejection, I can at least get some short note as to why it was.  Like this one “too passive.”  That is something I need to remember to watch when I write.  The old telling not showing voice.

For those who read the slush piles, I thank you.  To those who give us even a tiny comment, thank you again.  To those who take the time and point out a few things, well you have (mine at least) ever lasting gratitude.

So this means three shorts to edit, rewrite, and submit;  Two longer stories to complete; and one novel to work on.  I have enough to keep me busy for a while.

I am still working on getting through “The Historian.”  I am not very please with this book.  Sure it is beautifully written, but I am not connecting well with the characters.  Perhaps it is the format of bouncing between letters and what is going on.  I hope it gets better soon because I will be sorely disappointed.

Next book up will be “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”  I won this one in a blog contest and I cannot wait to read it.


6 responses to “Rejected!

  1. I think that’s the best attitude to have on rejection, whether form or personal. Change anything that resonates as off, and move on with the next submission. I actually ran around the house squeein with glee at my very first rejection because it meant I had actually taken that leap and completed an entire submission cycle on a story. That story has since long been retired (it hurts my brain to even look at it nowadays!), but I still remember that feeling of glee.


    • Rejection, especially in the publishing world, should not be taken personally. If you have issues in your writing it should be addressed and worked on. It is the only way (besides self publishing) that you will be a real author.
      *I must note that I have other rejections from about three years ago. They were snail mail. I have looked at those pieces and cringed more than once.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your rejections shadow, but it’s wonderful that you can go back and see where the story needs fixed up. It should only be a matter of time before you get there, you have an incredible talent!


    • Miss Hinny,
      you are going to make me have a very inflated ego. In fact, you should carry around a big hammer so that you can bop me when I get stupid. 🙂


  3. LOL. Hinny is such a bright ray of sunshine. Yep, Shadow. Don’t let them get you down, freezed you up, beat you senseless. Even after we have novels published, we’re still going to get rejections from time to time. Keep the positive attitude. But don’t make Hinny bop you unless she absolutely has to. 🙂


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