Week in review

On the Lighthouse forum today we are having a 1 hour writing challenge. What this means is, take a look at the prompt, note the time on the clock and commence writing.  Once an hour is up, stop and either post it, or wait until the reveal later today.  We are having a chat session/party also this evening. Come and join in on the fun!

I received a second rejection notice this week.  So of the two stories I had drifting around, I have two that need work and then continue to try to find them homes.  I am going to pull out a third and work on them today.  I will try to find homes for them this weekend.

I will also be starting a short story for Crossed Genres this weekend for the Gadgets/Artifacts issue.  The item must be relevant to the story.  Just a bit of brainstorming and I think I will have it.  (Got to remember to edit passive voice!)

One of our Shock Totem members now has an agent!  Congratulations Damien!

So what else is new this week, well my oldest had to write a report for one his classes.  He had to interview 3 different generations of people.  Since he had left his football and baseball at my grandparent’s house it was a great time for him to ask questions.  We ended up spending over two hours while my grandparents reminisced about the “good old days.”

Both of them grew up during the depression dirt poor and when I say this I mean literally DIRT poor.   My great grandparents were farmers, cows and pigs mostly and knew how to grow their own food so while no one was hungry, the variety of food was very limited.  My grandmother had two dolls growing up and one pair of shoes a year.  My grandpa bought 80 acres for $1,400 when he turned 17.  They told my boys about how they walked to school, to the church, to the neighbor’s house since gas was too precious to waste.  How they drew water from the well behind the house in the morning and of an evening.  How they took a bath once a week.  What kind of toys they made out of found objects like pieces of wood and discarded thread spools.  On the 4th of July they got a real treat.  They went to the river and made home made ice cream. Eggs were as good as coins in that day and they often went to the store with an apron full to get supplies like soap.  My great grandmother made four loaves of bread a day and cooked on a wood stove.  They butchered their own stock and smoked, canned or pickled everything.

While it was a hard life, they realize that they would not be the people they are now if they had not experienced it.  Their eyes lit up as they retold the stories of their youth. I am very glad that the boys had the opportunity to listen to them for a while.   I smiled when they said that they want to go back.


3 responses to “Week in review

  1. Shadow, first off… you are too sweet. 😀

    Secondly I’m going to hold you to the weekly blogging goals thing.

    And thirdly, good luck with your challenge, and your new short.

    As for the background information, it’s always interesting when we find out stuff about our ancestors, good or bad. It’s good that your son got to know more about them, it seems like it was an interesting project.

    I would totally pop over for the flash, but I’m swamped with my own shorts trying to revise and edit them, can you keep us posted if there is another one? I’d love to check out Lighthouse and see what’s going on over there 😀


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