This week’s writing goals

Things always go faster when you have someone pulling in the harness along side you.

Miss. Hinney and I have agreed to be each other’s cheer leaders as we work towards our writing goals.  Both of us will be posting our writing goals for the week and publishing our successes and failures.  We will be keeping track of each other, congratulating the other when we have success and cracking the whip when we fail.

Now of course if RL gets in the way, that is understandable and will be excused but failing because we do not try is not acceptable and is punishable by…  Did we ever decide on punishment Miss Hinney?  Well, we will figure it all out.

So far of the three submissions all three have been rejected.  No biggie, I will look at this this week to see where I need to improve.

My goals for this week:

work on Shifting Dreams so that it is less passive and resubmit.

Perhaps submitting the piece that I did for the 1st Shock Totem challenge (after a bit of clean up)

Working on the other 2 short stories (edits and perhaps rewrites)

I want to put at least 5,000 words in on Dragon Maskque this week.  I have failed to work on it with these other shorts in the way for almost a month.  While this is on occasion a good thing  (I can look at it with fresh eyes) it is not that good about finishing a project.  I have about 32,000 words on it right now, I want to have 37,000 by next week.

So that is my goals for this week.

I may not accomplish them all, but I am going to definitely give it a good shot.


One response to “This week’s writing goals

  1. Hey Shadow! Good goals girly!

    It doesn’t matter if you finish them so long as you try!

    I”ve gotten three short’s done along with three poems that I’m going to sub out tomorrow. So we’ll see.

    I’m working on my next short story and on Wed I’m gonna start my work count for my WIP. 😀 Catch ya on the flip side! You’re gonna do great!


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