And a happy hump day to you!

Actually, I am in a crazy good mood today.  Why? Well perhaps several reasons.

First of all I am ALMOST finished with the book I am reading.  If a book takes a week or longer to read, 1) it’s darn long, 2) I have been insanely busy or 3) it did not catch my interest.

The answer is 3.  While the premise is a good one, the characters are flat (at least until the end) and bouncing between letters where the characters have almost the same type of voice is not a good idea.  Since I do not think any book is completely bad, I will not post a review, instead I will just say I was sorely disappointed.

Secondly, when I started up my work computer I had an IM from my wonderful man!  I still feel all warm and fuzzy.  Smoochies baby! I love you!

Third, I am feeling very good about my writing.  Yes I looked at a few pieces and learned a very valuable lesson, let your piece sit for at least a week and LOOK at it closely!  Do not write and submit!  I can say I am embarrassed at some of what I produced. Lesson learned, the hard way.

So today I have 2 pieces that I have printed and will be looking over.  I like to edit with pen and paper as I can sketch out ideas and work out issues.  I have a tendency to write passively the first round until I find the character’s voice, then work more active voice into the piece from there.  I can always spot the transitions where that key makes the final turn and I know who and what I am writing.

Lastly, I have begun beading again.  I began with a few book marks (yes Mornara and Mercedes those are for you but I need to make more) last week.  Then I picked up a piece I had started months ago and had set aside because I no longer liked it.  A few stitches, a few beads and I was back to loving it.  I am pulling a few other colors in on this that I had not incorporated into it the first time.  Some golds, more blues and a few browns.  I wish I had a few small pieces of driftwood or sea glass, but I don’t and will just work with what I have for now.  I even had a few small minutes this morning to place a few more stitches and I took them with glee!

If you would like to see some of my other work visit my Gallery and my Deviant Art pages.  I will be posting photos of this piece soon, along with photos of some of my other creations (charcoal sketches) I have birthed of late.

Not to mention it is half way through the work week and that always feels good!  Happy Wednesday everyone!


4 responses to “And a happy hump day to you!

  1. Shadow, you have been crazy busy! Rock on my sweet friend, and don’t worry about keeping up with me, do what’s good for you and that’s what’s important. (Of course your impression of the wicked witch still did translate through text… 😀 Nicely creepy.)

    Lesson’s have been learned all around and through the ST peep’s schtuffa this past week! Keep up the great work! I love your beaded work as well (sadly, I’ve no loot, but if I did I’d pick something out 😉 )

    Have another good week and I hope you find a good book you like.


  2. Oh I have a book waiting. I just had to be good and finish what I had started!

    And most of those pieces I no longer have. But I can and will create MORE!


  3. Sea glass? What do you do with sea glass? I have a little jar of it I brought back from a beach in Hawaii a couple years ago. I’ve always thought it was pretty, but never thought I could do anything functional with it. What do you do?



    • Well I could bead around it though it and incooperate it into the piece I am working on. Only small pieces though. I need to head to the river and see what I can find for driftwood.
      I’ll post some photos of what I am doing tomorrow!


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