The Necklace

Now I have not named this piece yet, I usually do not until I have it complete, or nearly so. But this piece starts with a story, as many things do.

I started  over a year ago, eesh I guess I would say closer to two, with my first experience in an airplane. I had been beading for a few years before I ventured into a PowWow and made a few new friends.  They led me to to a glass and beading forum named Lampwork Etc. It was a great place to learn, share and explore new ideas with people all over the world.  At that time, my largest creative outlet was beading.  Yes I was writing at that time, but my skills were not up to par for publication (even though I thought I was good and had subbed a few pieces!)

Through this forum I met a fabulous group of girls and a few guys, who have been ultimately supportive through these last few years.  Eventually our group moved from LE to The Melting Pot where we chat.  Girls, I would never have made it through these past five years without you!

But anyway, Lisa, one of the most fabulous bead designers I know invited a few of us to Tuscon to visit the Bead Show there.  I bought tickets and flew on my first plane trip with connecting flights without an issue at all.  I didn’t have a lot of money, but my friends were so wonderful I did not worry about it.  While there  I fell in love with a 3 inch bead by Kimberly Affleck.  It was blues, greens, bits of golds, bits of purple and rose all swirled together in a wonderful organic piece.   I agonized about the piece as it was one of the first booths that we stopped at and would take most of my funds, but I also realized that if I left it, it might not be there when I returned.   So I bought it, tucked it into my purse, and mostly drooled at the other pieces at the show.

It was not until about three months later that I even began to fiddle with the piece.   Beading is a lot like writing in many way. I always tell people that a piece has to “speak” to me before I will begin on it.  In a very honest way pieces do speak.   They tell their own story, and it is up to you to interpret it.   I started with colors, trying to match hues of the focus bead with the colors of seed beads that I had.  This bead reminds me of photos of tide pools, not because of colors, but the way you can find surprises in the depths.  No matter how long I look at this piece, I can always find something new to look at.

A few months after that I started with the netting.  I had been inspired by a bracelet pattern in a Bead & Button magazine. A very free-flowing, organic netting was shown and I knew I wanted to use that pattern.  So I picked my base color and my accent colors and started.  Once I had it “framed out” I started on some ruffles, but at that time my life was falling apart.   I won’t go into what was happening but I put the piece aside and began writing again.   I finished my first novel.  Then ended a (much too long) relationship with my x.

On occasion I picked up the piece, held it, made a few stitches and then put it back.  The piece no longer “spoke” to me.  Last week, something changed.   I pulled out some beads to make some bookmarks, easy things that take an hour and a half to make.  Fun, easy things.   Then I started thinking about the piece again.  I got it out.  I looked at it, it whispered.

I did not write last night. Instead, I took needle and thread and stitched through tiny beads working on fringe.  It is not finished, not by a long shot but I am wearing it today.  Tonight, after some writing, I will work on it some more.

Please excuse the shadows on the photos.  I took these outside on a sheet.

If anyone would like to commission a piece, please feel free to contact me.


5 responses to “The Necklace

  1. Shadow, that’s a great story and a beautiful necklace. It actually reminds me of seaweed that would get washed up on the shore, in a good way of course. Thanks for sharing your story with us, good luck on finishing your necklace can’t wait to hear what you named it.


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