Excuses? No, not I…

Well, last week I had predicted my word count for the week.  I failed it.  Miserably.

First of all I have a project at work that is causing me some pain.  Physical pain that is.  I work at a newspaper office doing just about everything from sales to editing.  I am the office mule and I am very serious about my job.  I have a boss who would be better off in an ivory tower waiting for her knight to rescue her.  She is about as useless as a cat with boots and about as annoying.

But back to the special project. We produce a graduation tabloid every year to be distributed at the graduation ceremonies of the five local schools.  In this tab, we have all of the photos of the seniors and ads.  This year I am both selling and producing this project.  As of today, I should have all of the photos of the seniors.  I believe that is upwards of 800 photos I have to format.  Three years ago this was no problem, but today it is.

I have weak wrists and the continual movement has further irritated my problem.  I can only do about 100 photos before my wrists (rightly mainly) begins to hurt.  Yes I wear braces, soft ones during the day and a hard one at night on my right wrist.  Yea I believe that surgery is in my future within the next few years.   And yes, I do exercises and stretches to help with this problem.  However, I still have problems.

I had not realized what issues I was going to run into this week.  I have not been having many issues with it until recently.  So now I have to vary my evening activities so that on the days when I work heavily on this project, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I will not be doing that much typing at night.

That leads me to my next reason of not completing my goal.  Since I have to vary my activities a bit, my muse decided, forcibly, to tempt me into working on some beading projects I have lying around.  Really it did not take much to do so.   I love my beading, and I can say I have missed it.  I just was not ready until lately to work on it much.  I have temporarily finished the Necklace.  I might add a bit more to it later if I so choose.  I finished a bracelet yesterday and I am going to work through some pieces that need just a bit of work to finish.  I have one that is going to be a complete redo.  I don’t like it.  lol  I have ideas for that one.

I am writing, I do promise that.  Most is in a notebook, as varying the activities of my wrists and hands for an hour at a time does not cause pain.  I have crochet to work on, beading to do, reading of course, typing for short periods, and longhand writing.  Of course I go over scenes in my head.

And speaking of that, one of my characters yelled at me the other day.  I was working on some edits on a story during lunch.   My main character (MC) decided to voice her opinion on how I portrayed her in the story.  She did not have many nice things to say.  One of these days I will get a voice recorder and verbalize how these things go, then play it back to myself.  I am sure I will find it funny at some point.   She is not done yet so I am going to let her rant for a while as I work on that story.  It will be a lot better later after some edits.

Just to let you know, if I am on twitter, #evildayjob and #ProjectFromHell will be in use often for the next month.   #KillBoss might be in use at times also.  Expect me to be working some on weekends and have some very low or nonexistent word counts for the next month.  I am working on things, slowly as I can.


3 responses to “Excuses? No, not I…

  1. Hey Shadow! Don’t be too hard on yourself, you sound as if you were crazy busy. Sometimes that kind of stuff happens. I’m still rooting for you either way, plus you got your necklace done. That’s phenomenal.

    Catch you on the flip side girl!

    (And I’m thinking bout getting me one of those twitter things. If I do, I’ll let you know :D)

    Take care of yourself!


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