Last week I noticed something.  When you push you get results.

This little blog is not much, but it is my little place on the internet.  I am not visible to most people.  In fact, in the real world I am almost invisible except to a few.  It has been a bad habit that I need to break.  Yes, being invisible is a bad habit that I want and need to break.

When you grow up being the quiet one, you tend to think of yourself as not much.   You spend your time thinking of others before you voice demands for yourself.  It becomes very ingrained in your personality to be a wallflower and watch when you really want to dance.   Putting yourself  and your dreams first is at first a frightening possibility because if you are not noticed you will not fail.

But if you don’t try you will never succeed.

If you don’t step out of the shadows you will never gain friends.

If you don’t push, you will be pushed to the side.

I have had my fill of it over the years.   A relationship where all I ever did was give and did not receive back, a family that brushes me aside most of the time,  a workplace that seems to think that I can do all the work without reward.

Last week I was excited about a project.  The Necklace is complete, at least for now.  I might make some more adjustments to it later.  I have a few other projects to work on that is going to push my beadworking skills. I had 49 people visit my blog because I pushed it.  I posted it several times on Twitter and posted it on Shock Totem.

Pushing made a difference in one day.

I have begun to look back over some of my grammar books from college.  I need to push my skills in writing.  I need to push my skills with words.   Doing this every year, should remind me of proper sentence structures making my writing easier and more concise.

I will be pushing my work on twitter and FB.  It is one of the easiest way to be known.  I might annoy a few people, but that is life.  I want to push the subscriptions of my blog, so I will be thinking of that.  I want people to know me, so that when I do begin to be published, I will have a crowd cheering me on.

Pushing yourself can be challenging.  You break the rules of self.  You forge yourself into a new whole.  You create a new person.  Visibly you are no different to the outside, but inside you are moving forward.


4 responses to “Pushing

  1. Hey shadow! Fabulous post!!

    Stephen King highly recommends ELEMENTS OF STYLE as a great reading device for writers. (I’m currently reading ON WRITING right now.)

    I think a lot of people feel the way you are feeling, myself included. I wore the invisibility cloak for twenty eight years and I am finally shredding the last of it this year. I think it’s wonderful to strike out on your own and get motivated. If you need any help pushing, let me know. I’m still new at it but once you start it’s hard to stop.

    Oh, and I didn’t know you had a FB page. Look me up if your interested. I’ll PM you my name or email addy at ST. Let me know!

    Good luck with everything! I know you can do it 😀


  2. I have Elements of Style downloaded on the computer at home, it is one that I am going through currently. I hope to get my hands on “On Writing” soon. I have Brook’s book on writing and have read a few others. The fact is, besides good writing, none of them agree on the process itself! lol

    Last night I did not write. Soccer games and having to get everyone where they are supposed to be wiped me out. That and the job. I don’t even want to go there.

    Today is going to be a push day. Sales at work. Always lovely. Tonight will be pushing the kids to get things done. Hopefully some ‘puter time if not notebook time for some stories.

    Push harder, push through it. (lol I am already tired)


  3. Good post, Shadow. I never had a problem with being shy even though I like to be alone so I can do my own thing, but pushing work is tough. I rather create. But there’s a certain satisfaction in creating and another when other people enjoy what you create. Keep pushing yourself. You can do this.


    • Thanks Lee.

      There are days when it is very hard. Especially when I am forced into a position that is nearly completely at odds with what I am like Sales. (yea doing that again this week)


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