What you got to do (Or week from hell part-1)

Hopefully I have made my life easier for a change.  I switched my relaxing weekend for 16 hours of work on the Graduation Tabloid this weekend.

I work for a small newspaper in my home town.  Unfortunately, I have proved to be the “do it all” or “office mule.”  When I say do it all, I mean do it all.  From deposits, to cleaning, to writing a column, and production of the weekly paper, I can and have performed every job in this office.   Some days it is okay, others it can be quite a headache.

We have three special projects a year that we produce, the Frisco League basketball tournament guide, the Future Farmers of America tabloid and the Graduation Tabloid.  This past year, I have sold the Frisco guide, built the FFA guide and now am selling, formatting, and building the Graduation project.

So for the past month, at least two days a week, I have been going out to sell ads for this project.  I have four towns to sell in, Waynesville, St. Robert, Dixon and Crocker.  My boss has only one town to sell.  Why you ask?  hmmmmm….  Let’s just say that her productivity has a few tangles.

I think I have done pretty well with sales on this one especially since I have only been out a few times.  I also have everything else that I normally have to do during the week to work on here in the office.  So that leaves me a little less time than I had when I only built the project last year.  I almost feel like it is a race to the finish line right now.

So this weekend, instead of relaxing and cleaning house (which it dearly needs!) I came here to the office and worked.  It is not physical labor, but formatting 500 or so photos in a day leaves you drained.  One school took almost 6 hours to complete.  It took almost an hour to open all of the photos on my computer.  Next time I will remember to open a section at a time instead of all of them at once.

All of the photos are formatted.  Some of the ads are completed.  Some of the pages have been started.  I have a head start on the crunch next week.  I plan to have a lot of this complete before this next weekend.  I have the boys next week so planning ahead is always a good thing.  Hopefully, with working over this week I will be able to avoid much stress this one.


10 responses to “What you got to do (Or week from hell part-1)

  1. It will be done whether I am or not next Thursday. Then I get a nice long weekend break. If I don’t fall on my nose before then.

    Thanks hon. I will be back on the writing boat after the 7th. I will post goals and I will keep them!


    • Hey I didn’t even throw in the ballgames and practices, mowing the yard, dishes, laundry and gardening! 😛


    • Naaa… I’ll just jump back in with this writing and beading that I have pestering me to no end. Time off? what is that? lol


    • Just about the only thing I can do at this point. Or well in my case plow right though it. I will have chalked up 65 hours this week. I will be working this weekend, however it will be to finalize the project and wait on some ad proofs. I can say that I am almost done with this. And thankful I am for that fact. 😀


  2. You’re such a Jack of All Trades. Rock on, Shadow! Remember to breathe once in a while, my lovely friend. Wish I could skip over and help you out for a day or two. It would be fun!


    • Thank you hon. It would be great fun. I am breathing, I think. Well, at least sunlight isn’t bothering me yet, so I think I am among the living. lol

      Going to head in and finish up today then I can relax the rest of the weekend.

      Or not, heh I’ll pass on relaxing until next weekend when the boys are at their dad’s. lol


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