Breathing Room

Hey guess what?

All that extra work I put in this week has paid off.  I have some breathing room on this project. I can come in tomorrow for about 4 hours and complete the ads I need to build, send them off and then wait for approval.  Not so difficult.  The entire piece should be ready to go early on Wednesday.

So in other words, a few days more then I can start writing again.

It is always frustrating, for me at least, when I have to work on something else I have all these ideas about other projects.  Whether it be beading projects when I am writing, or writing scenes that click into place when I have a crunch at work, it always seems that ideas pop up when they are the least expected.

So far this week I have some scenes in Dragon Masque just about finalized in my head, a few ways that I can rewrite some short stories, and some beading projects that I need to get on paper.  Oh and that first novel that I completed?  Well it has been on my bed this week as I read back through it, red pen in hand as I slash pages.  Yep, it might be salvageable.  We shall see.

I am thankful that I put in the extra hours this weekend, even though it cut into my time.  This way I do not have to stress over the next week and stay late of an evening (which I have done on the past two projects).  Except for dropping the last few ads, and some more photos, I can call this project finished.

I can now get back into the swing of writing and beading again.  Might not be as much progress on the writing as I have had in the past but both are calling and I cannot resist either.  I even moved my beading stash into the living room so that I can fiddle with the tiny little glass jewels whenever I want.   I need to finish about 20 bookmarks which I shall work up as samplers of different beading techniques to get myself back into the swing of it.

So I think I can safely project some goals for this week.


1 flash piece for Shock Totem 1,000 words.

Edits on 1 short story (word count depends on story)

For this week, that should be enough.

Oh and before I forget, Crossed Genres and Little Death need some love.

Stories for Crossed Genres with artifacts and gadgets are due midnight tonight.

Thanks for reading everyone!


3 responses to “Breathing Room

  1. YAY!!!!!! *tosses confetti and chocolate cake in the air* I’m happy you did well on you project Shadow!! Good luck finishing it tomorrow. I remember what a PITA those “fliers” were (I worked in the newspaper biz for about 3 years in the paste-up/ads depo)

    Great goal output too!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    See you around ST for the Flash Fict contest!! Good luck to you!


  2. Stands in the middle of the room covered in chocolate cake and confetti and blinks in confusion.

    ummmm, thank you?

    But it’s not a flyer, it’s a 24 page tabloid that is being put in the paper in two weeks. I think I have 6 ads to build. It won’t take long once the creative juices are going. 2 maybe 3 hours total.

    and the Shock Totem prompt this week is AWESOME! I can’t wait to start writing it.


  3. Hey Shadow… (sorry about the cake. I wanted to “release balloons” but I’ve done that before so I tried something new. Don’t worry. Next time it’ll be less messy 😉 )

    Flyer… SORRY! I couldn’t remember what the damn technical terms were for the inserts in the papers. *blushes*

    Good luck with it all. AND yes, the ST challenge is awesome this month. I actually have my first round down and I”m super excited. Can’t wait to read yours!


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