Well, I got a little distracted…

Last week I promised an update on my writing progress, well excitement on the new job kind of distracted me.

Now, I realize, I have a lot more to balance.  First of all this new job is only 30 hours.  Better pay, but less hours.  So I have to get a second job.  Two things to juggle.  Then, I have writing and beading.  And most importantly the boys.  They are both playing baseball this summer, so we will be busy quite a bit.  But you know what, I think I am going to like things this way.  It will keep me busy and time will fly.

I did make progress on things this week, maybe not as much as I wanted in some areas but not too bad in others.


1,000 word flash for Shock Totem completed.  This month’s entries are awesome!  Great job everyone!

I have edits marked in red pen on two of my short stories. I will be making adjustments on Wed-Fri.

I know what I will be writing for the next few chapters in Dragon Masque, when I have time on it.


I didn’t get any bookmarks made, however I have a necklace (from a kit) 99% complete.  I will be finishing it tonight.

This week’s goals

Rewriting Shifting Dreams- 2,000 to 3,000 words.

Dragon Masque – 2,000 to 5,000 words

One hour writing challenge on Thursday for Lighthouse Refuge

Beading: Finishing necklace (tonight)

3 or more bookmarks (if at all possible)

Sketch out 2 new designs for designs (tree and steampunk)

Look for 2nd job.

This I think will be enough for one week.


3 responses to “Well, I got a little distracted…

  1. Shadow, you’re crazy. You did a phenomenal job! W00T!

    It sounds like you’re going to be busy this week, if you need any help with your writing let me know. (NO, I’m not offering to write it for you, I can just help with the edits and stuff… :P) Take some pressure off of you, give you an extra set of eyes, let me know. I’ll send you my email addy. (or you can just look it up on FB.)

    Good luck with everything Shadow!!! *crosses fingers that you find another job promptly*


    • Miss Kara, I appreciate that very much! I will take you up on that, maybe next week after some rewrites. Goodness knows I need another set of eyes on some of this. And do not fear to upset me. I have very thick skin.
      And hopefully I will have a very boring job, like, say at a gas station, in the morning where I can at least have a notebook and pen handy. First thing I need to buy is a netbook to keep with me. So I can write at odd times. lol yea, I am nuts. Don’t worry it is normal.


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